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Why is SEO so important?

There are over 5.6 billion searches performed each day and the search engine results are ranked by an algorithm. The algorithm determines the best results for each search, and SEO enhances your website to better fit the algorithm. The more optimised the website, the higher it will rank.

This is extremely important because users are more likely to click on the higher ranked website

43% generally click on the first result

18% on the second result and

14% on the third result.

The higher you rank the better your website and the better your business, thanks to SEO.

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Our 4 proven steps to SEO that delivers results



Thorough research helps us to understand who your target audience is and what the related keywords are. This will determine the best way to attract new people to your website. We will also research your competitors and strategize a plan to help you overtake them.

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After conducting a website audit, we begin work to ensure your website and its content is saying what it needs to say. It should resonate with your prospects while also providing details about your products and services. AND... it must be understood by Google so that your website is easily found and indexed.

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Once the website is optimised, we focus on building backlinks. Who is linking to your website? This is very important as it helps to increase your SEO ranking on Google. The more intertwined your website is with other healthy websites, the better you will rank on Google.


From here, it's a balancing act of producing new and updating old content to keep your SEO website ranking high. We apply ongoing efforts to ensure you maintain Google's attention, receiving traffic from new and existing visitors. Over time, this will lead to higher engagement and the growth of your business.

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