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7 Proven Ways On How to Drive Traffic to a Website

Major Points of the Article

  • Your website traffic can be boosted by SEO and/or Adwords

  • More traffic to your website can mean more leads and sales

  • There is no limitation on the traffic potential with SEO

Over the years, technology has been improving immensely. So much so that every business needs a website, and the success of that website comes from the level of traffic it receives. This is because, with more traffic, you will gain more leads, which can mean more sales...

So how much traffic does your website get? And, how can you increase the level of traffic so that your business can grow?

To get you started, here are 7 proven ways on how to drive traffic to a website.

1. Have A Business Blog

Research has found that businesses that blog regularly can get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don't. This is due to a higher level of informational topics on the website that surrounds your brand.

With a business blog you can achieve many other things too, such as:

- increase your potential customer engagement

- build brand authority for your industry

- increase your ranking on Google

- and of course, increase your website traffic

2. Get Backlinks

In the world of SEO and increasing your ranking on search engines like Google, backlinks are viewed like votes. The more votes you have, the more popular you are and the more authority you gain. In fact, websites that rank number 1 on Google have 3.8x more backlinks than the rest of the top 10 sites.

Why is it important to be in position 1 I hear you say? Because generally, the business in position 1 gets 43% of all the clicks in a search. So if say for example, you owned a plumbing business in Melbourne (keyword: plumber in Melbourne - 3,600 searches per month) you would get approximately 1,548 clicks which can turn into sales.

But, not all backlinks are equal. Some come from bad websites, and some come from reputable ones. You want the reputable ones.

3. Business Directories

While most view the days of having an advert in the yellow pages as gone, they still have an online directory and it makes a great listing. Not only is it a backlink (see number 2), it can drive traffic to your website as people still use the yellow pages to find products and services to use.

But there is more, over the years many more business directories have been created where you can list your business, website, and products or services you offer.

4. Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and all the rest make a great way to increase your potential customer engagement where you can direct traffic to your website.

On it, you can share your blog articles, awards, achievements, expansion plans, new product launches, and so much more... Plus you can create a small community of followers that can become advocates for your business, telling others to "check out" your website.

5. Review Websites

Much like a business directory, you can list your website on review sites like TrustPilot. On these websites, customers can leave reviews, but also you can be found on these websites, creating a flow of traffic to your website.

6. Google Business Listing

Whenever you use Google or Google Maps, a bunch of recommendations come up based on your current location. So if you were looking for a cafe, you would search "cafe", find the one you like and then go there. That is much the same as if you were an accounting firm, a landscaper, a dentist, a doctor surgery, etc...

Having a Google Business Listing can drive local traffic in your area to your website and business, which will increase your sales.

boosting your website traffic with SEO tactics

7. Adwords or PPC

A little bit different, because with Adwords you can direct the traffic to a purpose-built sales funnel, but you can also direct the traffic to your website. In this tactic, you pay to be at the top of Google searches for certain keywords, which depending on the keyword could be a few cents, or over $30.

boosting your website traffic with adwords PPC

Something To Be Aware Of

In the short term Adwords, often called Pay-Per-Click (PPC), can get you a tonne of traffic, but as soon as you turn it off, so is the traffic. Also, when you spend say a budget of $1,500 per month in Adwords that can only get you a certain amount of traffic.

In comparison to SEO, which is a combination of 1-6, plus some other stuff, it is a long-term strategy with a huge potential return. With SEO, the tactic builds up your website, again and again, which with time, creates no limitation on the amount of traffic.

To boost your traffic and leads, you should consider investing in SEO now, as it can take some time to get the return you are looking for. However, if you want a faster return, then we recommend a combination of Adwords/PPC and SEO.

To discuss your options and get started on growing your traffic right away, schedule a time with one of our agency specialists by clicking the button below.


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