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Which is Better to Have: A Website Manager Or An SEO Consultant

Major Points of the Article

  • A website manager can help with the daily management of your website.

  • An SEO consultant does the same and more. Especially, around the promotion, traffic, and growth of your website.

  • SEO can be slow, but a combination strategy with Adwords can speed up your sales.

Firstly, let's establish what the difference is...

Website Manager

These people are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day maintenance and administration of your website. They ensure you have a functional website that you can use in your marketing and other forms of customer engagement.

SEO Consultant

Is similar to a website manager, but does a whole lot more for your business. These people perform the day-to-day maintenance and administration of your website AND are responsible for the planning, implementing, and managing of their client's overall SEO strategy. What this includes is web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, link building, keyword strategy... AND, in the case of Click Rabbit's services - graphic design.

website manager vs seo consultant click rabbit

How Can This Make A Difference In Your Website

When it comes to growing your business you surely want to maximize your efforts in client attraction. And so why pay for only half a service from a website manager?

In fact, too often, business owners have thought their website manager has been growing their website and giving them a tonne of traffic... when actually they have not...

In a simple analysis, we often find that they are receiving very little traffic, or worse, none. Some go on to justify it, by saying it is "only there as proof they exist" and that they rely on word of mouth and networking (which can dry up). When in reality they are missing out on a tonne of opportunity.

What amount of traffic is your website receiving?

Comparison of Two Companies

Let's compare the missed opportunity of someone who has been using a website manager and another who has been using an SEO consultant. Below you will see a monthly traffic graph of two solar panel companies that launched in the same year.

Click Rabbit website traffic analysis of a business that used an SEO consultant

Company A: Receives over 200,000 visitors per month and uses an SEO consultant

Click Rabbit website traffic analysis of a business that used a website manager

Company B: Receives around 500 visitors per month and uses a website manager

Now they did launch more than 10 years ago but you should look at the comparative return for the business that used SEO. Yes, your eyes are not mistaken... The business that used SEO has more than 200,000 visitors per month, which is 374x more traffic than the other company that started in the same year.

Here is another that receives no traffic at all.

Click Rabbit website traffic analysis of a business that used a website manager and receives no traffic at all

Company C: Receives no traffic at all and uses a website manager

Sales Volume

In the above example, if you consider a terrible conversion rate of just 1% of those visitors turning into sales... Would you rather have the SEO consultant by your side helping you get over 2,000 sales per month (Company A), or the web manager that gets you only 5 sales per month (Company B)? OR NONE (Company C)?

Does SEO Take Time?

Yes, it does... Some returns can be faster than others simply because the competition is less. In contrast, if the competition is high, it can take longer than expected. It all depends on what industry you are in.

SEO consultant services from click rabbit

The reason why you might ask is that Google needs to be able to trust that your company's website is the best one for the region and there is already a tonne of competitor websites that are ahead of you. Essentially, it will take time for your website to gain authority and trust, which will bump your competitors down the list.

Is There A Faster Way To Gain More Traffic?

There is, and it is called Adwords. Essentially, you pay to be at the top of Google searches that are related to your industry's keywords. Now, this will cost you money and it is great for short returns. However, as a business owner, you should always be thinking about long-term growth.

adwords services from click rabbit

This is why here at Click Rabbit, we always suggest a new website should have a combined strategy of SEO & Adwords... At least until SEO has exceeded the potential return that Adwords provides.

Alternatively, if it is an old website, we would suggest tidying it up and evaluating your potential growth options.

To discuss your options and get started on growing your traffic right away, schedule a time with one of our agency specialists by clicking the button below.

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